I'm relatively new to Crystal Reports and it seems like this should be easy, but I haven't been able to figure it out after a lot of googling. I'm working on a report in Crystal Reports XI that will show total hours logged by support staff for a date range and show sub totals by week, month, or both depending on the user input. My report is currently arranged as follows:

Group 1 Header - Support Staff Member 
  Group 2 Header - Ticket Closed Date with section printed monthly
    Group 3 Header - Ticket Closed Date with section printed weekly
      Group 4 Header - Ticket Category
      Group 4 Footer - Sum of time logged in each category for the week
    Group 3 Footer - Sum of time logged in all categories for the week   
  Group 2 Footer - Sum of time logged in all categories for the month
Group 1 Footer - Sum of all time logged

My original idea was just to suppress the header and footer for groups 2 and 3 when they weren't needed, but if I manually do that it still prints the records by week and month. Is there a way to not have the grouping at all unless the parameter says to show those totals? Or if that isn't an option, how would I use the parameter to change whether the group prints records weekly or monthly?

Thank you


Best option would be create a string parameter 'option' with values weekly and monthly.

Now create a formula grouping.

If ?parameter='weekly'
Then //your weekly code here

Else if ?parameter='monthly'
Then //your monthly code

Now use this formula in grouping instead of multiple groups.

Now when user selects option your grouping will change dynamically.

Hope this helps

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    Thank you for the response @Siva. You pointed me in the right direction and I found this site to help with the weekly/monthly code – drew b Apr 28 '14 at 16:53

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