Currently i'm in the process of getting to know InDesign CC HTML5 extensions.
Using the Extension Builder plugin for eclipse did a few tests creating extensions. No problem there.
But when it came to debugging i ran into some problems. First problem was finding a way to debug at all.

After some research i stumbled over this short guide to HTML5 extensions. It contains a guide for debugging which i followed meticulously.

But now when it comes down to actually debugging no debugging view opens nor am i able to connect to the application via chrome for remote debugging.

What is going wrong?

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Turns out you cannot use the Run As/Debug As -> Adobe InDesign Extension of eclipse to start the extension for debugging, because the essential .debug-file will not be exported.

So everytime you want to debug something first Run As -> Adobe InDesign Extension and then copy the .debug-file into:
"$User$\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEPServiceManager4\extensions\$extesion folder$" (Windows)

After that restart InDesign MANUALLY (not from eclipse that is) and connect via
"localhost:$port specified in .debug$" (works only) with chrome to your extension.

This is not very ellegant but it works, at least for me.

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