I have developed a Rails 4 application and I am planning to use a simple and efficient user management solution in my application. I have checked the Devise gem and found that it has a lot of features which i don't want to implement/mess with in my code.

My User management is very simple: I have a list of users. Each user has some role intern bring to some privileges. I want to store the currently logged in user some where in application which can be accessed anywhere from within the application. I also want to check in the controller whether the current logged in user has access to this controller.

I am not authenticating the user against my local Database, instead I am doing that using Facebook.

Any help is appreciated.


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Check out sorcery, it's more lightweight and less obscure than Devise. This is its philosophy (extracted from readme):

Sorcery is a stripped-down, bare-bones authentication library, with which you can write your own authentication flow. It was built with a few goals in mind:

  • Less is more - less than 20 public methods to remember for the entire feature-set make the lib easy to 'get'.
  • No built-in or generated code - use the library's methods inside your own MVC structures, and don't fight to fix someone else's.
  • Magic yes, Voodoo no - the lib should be easy to hack for most developers.
  • Configuration over Confusion - Centralized (1 file), Simple & short configuration as possible, not drowning in syntactic sugar.
  • Keep MVC cleanly separated - DB is for models, sessions are for controllers. Models stay unaware of sessions.

Here you can read about using sorcery together with Facebook authentication.

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