I have a problem running Genymotion "inside" VMWare that is running on Windows 7 32-bit. It gives me an error "Unable to initialize OpenGL renderer library.". At first, I didn't notice the version of the OpenGL of my guest (Windows 7 32-bit) is 1.1 or 1.4 (I can't remember) then I read some solutions online on how to update the driver to 2.1 but still, Genymotion is giving me the same error. I tried to uninstall Genymotion and reinstalling it again but unfortunately, the problem is still there.

I also read on a blog that the user was able to run Genymotion on VMWare with Windows XP I also tried that too but it didn't worked for me. Then I installed it on the host (I am running Windows 8 with OpenGL 4.x) and it worked.

Here's the result of the test I did with glewinfo.exe to see the version of OpenGL my guest is running: http://pastebin.com/ncZv58DV


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Indeed, Genymotion needs a direct access to the hardware in order to provide OpenGL acceleration. Running Genymotion from a virtual machine prevents it to directly access the hardware components.



For 2023, the issue comes from Virtual Box, not Genymotion. In my case, to make the Emulator work, you just have to pass the Hardware Acceleration to the VM:

Enable Hardware Acceleration - VMWare

After this, you need to close Genymotion, open Virtual Box in your VMWare Machine and enable 3D Acceleration and change the driver to VMSVGA:

Enable 3D - Virtual Box

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