Using Calendar API V3, I've noticed that the number of events returned is not consistent with the number of events that appear on a given Calendar. It appears this issue occurs for recurring events that users have moved to a different day, or deleted on a given day. Calendar doesn't seem to recognize this and still returns them. Both Events:get and Events:list show the nonexistent events.

Is there any workaround or means of identifying that an event returned by the API does not actually appear on the (web interface) calendar?


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    I'm seeing the same thing now where an event that is nowhere on an actual calendar anymore is coming back through the API and the status on it ="confirmed" rather than cancelled. – Matt Toigo Jul 14 '16 at 19:04

I noticed that when you set singleEvents to true the problem doesn't occur. It depends on your use case whether this is an acceptable workaround.

Documentation on singleEvents:

Whether to expand recurring events into instances and only return single one-off events and instances of recurring events, but not the underlying recurring events themselves. Optional. The default is False.



You can .setShowDeleted 'false' in the request. Example Java:

Events events = calendarService.events().list(PRIMARY_CALENDAR_ID)

But note also that:

Cancelled instances of recurring events (but not the underlying recurring event) will still be included if showDeleted and singleEvents are both False.

For further reading see https://developers.google.com/google-apps/calendar/v3/reference/events/list

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