I am runing Ubuntu 13.10. When I remote login through remote desktop and using the terminal, I can not use the tab key to auto complete the command for item such as file/directory. The remote window manager is xfce, and the termial shell is bash.

If I access the same box using SSH, I can use tab key to auto complete.

What is the key for auto complete command for the terminal emulator in xfce window? The regular tab key does not work.


I had this problem using XFCE and TigerVNC: pressing tab just switched between the terminals I had open. It was solved by following the directions given in the link @Jonas provided: http://how-to.cc/fix-bash-command-line-completion. I will copy a few pieces in here in case the link should ever be broken.

Step 1:

Make sure that your .bashrc file contains something like

if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ]; then
    . /etc/bash_completion

so that a file containing bash completion info is actually sourced. In my case, /etc/bash_completion pointed to /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion which contained the stuff to set up. For reference, the end of my .bashrc looked like this:

if ! shopt -oq posix; then
  if [ -f /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion ]; then
    . /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion
  elif [ -f /etc/bash_completion ]; then
    . /etc/bash_completion

Step 2:

Disable the behaviour of tab changing windows. This is done in the file ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml by changing the line

<property name="&lt;Super&gt;Tab" type="string" value="switch_window_key"/>


<property name="&lt;Super&gt;Tab" type="empty"/>

Step 3:

Reboot or restart your VNC server (XFCE).

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Try this,

  1. Open the Xfce Application Menu > Settings > Window Manager
  2. Click on the Keyboard Tab
  3. Clear the Switch window for same application setting

Refer here.

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    This is the simplest thing that solved the problem. Should be the accepted answer. The problem is not an XFCE bug, simply a poorly chosen default keyboard shortcut for a window manager function that can easily be remapped so a press on Tab is not captures by the window manager. – Guillaume Nov 6 '18 at 16:50
  • Thank you for finding this. – Pat Niemeyer Feb 3 '19 at 21:08
  • You save my day – Yu-Ting Chen Jan 31 at 7:50

The XFCE Terminal has kidnapped the tab key for a feature of it's own, tab/windows switching. Instead the normal tab is sent if you press CTRL-tab.

I say this is a mistake on the design of XFCE Terminal emulator, but theres no way I know to get rid of the kidnapping of tab!

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