I encountered Error: 'module' object has no attribute 'copy' while running a pygame program. In my code, I never referred to a copy attribute, so I don't understand where the error is coming from.


I think there is a python file named "copy" in your directory. I had the same problem, after I delete the "copy" file, the error has gone.

  • Thank you for this very helpful tip! – Jiri Kriz May 1 '16 at 12:54
  • Okay, this is genius finding. Thanks a lot! – Cassio Apr 19 '18 at 17:26
  • I had the same problem and I deleted the file named wrongly as copy.py. But the error still persists, do you have any idea? Thanks! – isabella May 12 '20 at 1:52
  • Hey man, thank you soo much! I was trying to resolve that problem for couple of hours with no luck! – kapalkat Oct 7 '20 at 21:11

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