I have two tables :

Table AnnonceVImg: Id, dateModif,

Table AnnonceVTxt: Id, dateModif, AnnonceVImg_Id

I want to display only the images which are not yet linked to an AnnonceVTxt, but since I don't have the AnnonceVTxt_id in AnnonceVImg I don't know how to add this condition.

Here is my controller

public PartialViewResult ListAnnonce(DateTime dateParution, long IdJournal)
        using (var db = new Bd_scanitEntities())
            List<ScanITAPP.ImgOrgSet> images = new List<ImgOrgSet>();
            images = db.JournalSet.Find(IdJournal).ImgOrgSet.Where(i => i.dateParution == dateParution).ToList();
            List<ScanITAPP.AnnonceVImgSet> annoncesVimg = new List<AnnonceVImgSet>();
            foreach (var img in images)

            //IEnumerable<ScanITAPP.AnnonceVImgSet> annonces;
            ViewBag.IdJournal = dateParution;
            ViewData["dateParution"] = dateParution.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy");
            AnnonceVTxtSet annTxt = new AnnonceVTxtSet();
            annTxt.Id = 0;
            AnnonceVImgSet annImg = db.AnnonceVImgSet.Find(1);
            annTxt.AnnonceVImgSet = annImg;

            return PartialView("_ListAnnonceImg", annoncesVimg.OrderBy(i => i.dateSaisi).Distinct().ToList());

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