I'd like to get the build variant during runtime, is this possible without any extra config or code?


Look at the generated BuildConfig class.

public final class BuildConfig {
  public static final boolean DEBUG = Boolean.parseBoolean("true");
  public static final String APPLICATION_ID = "com.example.app";
  public static final String BUILD_TYPE = "debug";
  public static final String FLAVOR = "";
  public static final int VERSION_CODE = 1;
  public static final String VERSION_NAME = "";
  • So if your app hasn't been built yet, this class wouldn't exist and using the class before it gets built would cause a compile error, wouldn't it? Isn't this the chicken vs. egg scenario? – AndroidDev Sep 5 '15 at 19:35
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    BuildConfig is generated during a Gradle Sync, not the building of the app itself. – ashishduh Sep 5 '15 at 23:30
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    Friendly reminder to import the BulidConfig for your app package instead of from an external library BuildConfig...as I did... – levibostian Nov 23 '16 at 23:26
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    PACKAGE_NAME seems to have been replaced by APPLICATION_ID – rockhammer Jan 3 '17 at 11:23
  • @ashishduh "BuildConfig is generated during a Gradle Sync, not the building of the app itself." Nope, that's not right. Just clean the project and you'll notice BuildConfig is gone. It is called BuildConfig for a reason – Farid Dec 25 '20 at 16:37

Another option would be to create a separate build config variable for each build variant and use it in your code like this:

In your build.gradle file:

productFlavors {

    production {
        buildConfigField "String", "BUILD_VARIANT", "\"prod\""

    dev {
        buildConfigField "String", "BUILD_VARIANT", "\"dev\""

To use it in your code:

if (BuildConfig.BUILD_VARIANT.equals("prod")){ // do something cool }

Here is an example to define and get BuildConfig for different flavor

android {

    defaultConfig {
    buildTypes {

    flavorDimensions "default"
    productFlavors {

        develop {
            applicationIdSuffix ".dev"
            versionNameSuffix "-dev"

        staging {
            applicationIdSuffix ".stg"
            versionNameSuffix "-stg"

        production {
            applicationIdSuffix ""
            versionNameSuffix ""

    applicationVariants.all { variant ->

        def BASE_URL = ""

        if (variant.getName().contains("develop")) {
            BASE_URL = "https://localhost:8080.com/"
        } else if (variant.getName().contains("staging")) {
            BASE_URL = "https://stagingdomain.com/"
        } else if (variant.getName().contains("production")) {
            BASE_URL = "https://productdomain.com/"
        variant.buildConfigField "String", "BASE_URL", "\"${BASE_URL}\""





You can try with


it will return what you've defined in build.gradle

     applicationId 'com.example.package.flavour1'
     applicationId 'com.example.package.flavour2'

If you are already flavoring then no need to provide extra string field in your gradle. Just follow simple steps to get the build details:

For build variant : BuildConfig.FLAVOR
For build version code : BuildConfig.VERSION_CODE
For build version name : BuildConfig.VERSION_NAME

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    BuildConfig.BUILD_TYPE should be used for the build variant. BuildConfig.FLAVOR should be used for any flavors that you have specified. – Edric Sep 9 '19 at 13:27

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