I'm running a nightly script that executes db_hotbackup on multiple Berkeley environments but in addition to that I need to be able to cleanup the log files in the source dir. I am aware of db_archive but that seems to only work if the Berkeley environment is closed (or doesn't exist ).

So I'm thinking about changing my script to do the following:

`db_hotbackup -cv -h $1 -b $backup_dir`
`db_recover -h $1`
`db_archive -h $1`

Is this the best solution?

  • db_archive works with open environments... – tenwest Apr 11 '16 at 22:25

Running "db_archive -d" will eliminate database log files. You can also set DB_LOG_AUTO_REMOVE to automate what "db_archive -d" does.

Running "db_recover" without -e will eliminate __db* dbenv files (but may require an idle database).

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