I have a result set that should be pulled into a report as one line. However, there can be multiple buyers associated to an order and these buyers are represented as a new row in the database. So for instance, I have the following...

   Orders O
   BuyerSeller BS ON O.OrdersID = BS.OrdersID

If there are multiple buyers, it will return the following result set as follows:

OrdersID | LastName 
1        | Tester1
1        | Tester2 
1        | Tester3 

I'd like it to return as the following (separated by columns):

OrdersID | LastName 
1        | Tester1, Tester2, Tester3

Thanks for the assistance.

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    sql is not a platform, but a language. Your answer is very dependent on the platform you are using. Could you tag your post with the platform? – crthompson May 2 '14 at 15:38

Here is your Answer.

SELECT DISTINCT Ord.OrderID , substring
                         ((SELECT        ',' + BS.LastName AS [text()]
                             FROM    Orders O   LEFT JOIN BuyerSeller BS       ON O.OrderID = BS.OrderID
                             ORDER BY  O.OrderID FOR XML PATH('')), 2, 1000) LastName

FROM Orders ord

This will return the expected output.


To accomplish this in SSRS you would need to

  1. Create a table with OrdersID as Row group

  2. Make sure there is no detail section inside the group. If there is one delete it without deleting the rows.

  3. Write this experession for LastName:

=Join(Lookupset(Fields!OrdersID.Value, Fields!OrdersID.Value, Fields!LastName.Value, "myDataSet"), ", ")

Remember SSRS is case sensitive.

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