I wanna do something like this:

insert into TableA 
   ("value",(select top 1 tableB.X from tableB where tableB.Y=@Y))

I get this error:

Subqueries are not allowed in this context. Only scalar expressions are allowed

How to stop that error?


Assuming you're using SQL Server:

insert into tableA 
  (val1, val2) 
select top 1 'value', tableB.x from tableB where tableB.Y = @y 

I assume you have to use directly the insert into TABLE select... syntax.
No "values" in this case.
People above have been faster than me but I agree with their proposals


You're close:

INSERT INTO TableA(val1, val2)
SELECT top 1 "value",  X FROM TableB WHERE Y = @y

try this

insert into TableA (val1,val2) 
   select top 1 "value",X from tableB where Y=@Y

Another, inferior option that's less code change: Define an interim value.

declare @scalarval int
select @scalarval = tableB.X from tableB where tableB.Y=@Y
insert into TableA (val1,val2) 

However the insert into syntax is clearer.

  • I believe you are correct; I do not believe you can do top 1 select into a variable like that. Maybe select top 1? Fixed query. – Broam Feb 26 '10 at 19:48
StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();
sb.Append("declare @id int select @id = top 1 TableB.id from TableB where TableB.DefaultName=@DefaultName order by TableB.id desc insert into TableA(col1,col2,col3,col4)  Values (@val1,@val2,@val3,@id)");

incorrect syntax near top .

How to done with this ??

//mssql server

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