I am creating a python program that uses an online thesaurus and returns synonyms. Unfortunately sometimes it will take a word that is spelled wrong, and redirect to a page for a word that is close to it, which is sometimes problematic. How can I stop it from redirecting? I would appreciate any advice. This is the code that applies:

def get_synonym(the_word):
    #return a dictionary of the thesaurus results of the word
    theurl = (the api key for the thesaurus)
    new_word = the_word + "/json"
    theurl = theurl + new_word
    r = requests.get(theurl)    
    thewords = r.text   #all the text for the results
    from json import loads
    thewords = json.loads(thewords) #make a dictionary of terms
    return thewords #return dictionary of synonyms for the_word

Use the allow_redirects=False keyword argument:

r = requests.get(url, allow_redirects=False)

By default, requests follows redirects on all methods except HEAD.

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