How do I execute "select distinct ename from emp" using GreenDao

I am trying to get distinct values of a column of sqlite DB using GreenDao. How do I do it? Any help appreciated.

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You have to use a raw query for example like this:

private static final String SQL_DISTINCT_ENAME = "SELECT DISTINCT "+EmpDao.Properties.EName.columnName+" FROM "+EmpDao.TABLENAME;

public static List<String> listEName(DaoSession session) {
    ArrayList<String> result = new ArrayList<String>();
    Cursor c = session.getDatabase().rawQuery(SQL_DISTINCT_ENAME, null);
        if (c.moveToFirst()) {
            do {
            } while (c.moveToNext());
    } finally {
    return result;

Of course you can add some filter-criteria to the query as well.

The static String SQL_DISTINCT_ENAME is used for performance, so that the query string doesn't have to be built every time.

EmpDao.Properties and EmpDao.TABLENAME is used to always have the exact column-names and table-names as they are generated by greendao.

  • @oli edited this answer and noted, that this code needs to be synchronized because Cursor is not threadsafe. But since Cursor c is defined inside the method and not given to the outside world, this method is thread safe since every thread will have its own Cursor. Please do not reedit the synchronization topic, but instead leave a comment. P.S. IMHO the edit didn't follow the rules and shouldn't have been accepted, especially since this answer is accepted!
    – AlexS
    Feb 25, 2016 at 10:38

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