Is there any way to get the Vibration API to work with the xbox 360 controller? Or any other way to get it to rumble with javascript? It is for a firefox extension written in javascript and the Gamepad API works flawless, but I really need to make the controller vibrate.

I have tried it on different "check if your device is supported by the Vibration API"-tests without any result. Thank you in before hand!


This question is quite old, but anyway:

– As of the end of 2017, there is no native / Web-API way to make a controller "rumble" via javascript. The Gamepad API does not provide a rumble feature yet.

Possible solution (Workaround):

You can use NodeJS whether you are using electron / NWjs as a wrapper or just on your website. There is a node Module for Xbox in nodeJS, which also can activate the rumble motor of the controllers: https://www.npmjs.com/package/xbox-controller


Since this is nodeJS, the implementation depends on your use-case. For those who use Electron: beware, there are several issues due to node-version conflicts with dependencies of this module.

Hope that helps anyone who still stumbles upon this.

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