I am building an iOS App using Xamarin. I looked around but couldn't quite find a way to determine the state of my UISwitch.

I created the UI using Storyboard. The switch's Action name is "Switch"

In my FirstViewController I have

        partial void Switch(NSObject sender)
            // I am trying to find the state of the switch
            // here and then do something depending on its state

I tried seeing sender

string S=sender.ToString();

I get:

S="<UISwitch: 0x14653dc0; frame = (61 425; 51 31); opaque = NO; autoresize = RM+BM; layer = <CALayer: 0x14653ea0>>"

I also saw in the Apple developer website that there should be a isOn I can check but couldn't figure out how to get it.



Just use

bool state = ((UISwitch)sender).On;

to get the state.


You're not seeing the isOn property because you've declared sender as an NSObject instead of a UISwitch.


Xamarin 5.10:

var sampleSwitch = new UISwitch ();
            sampleSwitch.Frame = new CoreGraphics.CGRect (100f,100f,10f,10f);
            sampleSwitch.ValueChanged += delegate {
                if (sampleSwitch.On) {                  
                    Console.WriteLine ("TRUE"); 
                } else {
                    Console.WriteLine ("FALSE");
            this.View.AddSubview (sampleSwitch);

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