I have a view and template called index.html.

I have a image which is broken form.I saw django docs,which was n't clear to me.

How do,i make my image to appear.I m asking ,while development.image is in ,this URL /home/logic/quote/hummingbird.gif'

  • Not exactly sure what you asking for. Could you clarify? – Janusz Skonieczny Feb 27 '10 at 10:45

Your question is not really clear but I suspect that you are having trouble serving static files using the Django built-in web server. Have a look at the following StackOverflow Questions:

  1. Django and Serving Static Files
  2. How does Django serve media files?
  3. Django: how do you serve media / stylesheets and link to them within templates

what about writing an inclusion tag that makes something simmilar to:

if settings.debug=True:
    return localimage
    return serverimage

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