I need to create a simulator build in order to submit my app to facebook team for further review of my open graph.

They have a instruction to create that here facebook instruction

But I use cocoapods and I can not make this build. everytime it gives me error.

xcodebuild -arch i386 -sdk iphonesimulator{version} -workspace [projectName].xcworkspace -scheme [projectName]

Follow the steps Click here

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    Just what I needed. Thanks! – irblue Aug 18 '14 at 18:46
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    One thing to note. This tends to run the build as a 'Run' not an 'Archive'. So if you set Debug on 'Run' but not 'Archive' (which is pretty common), be sure to swap 'Run' over to a release state for this if you intend to give them a release type build. – Stakenborg Sep 30 '14 at 21:35
  • For you non terminal experts, your xcworkspace file may be 2 directories up. Just use ../../<projectName>.xcworkspace instead. – Eric Alford Oct 9 '14 at 16:05
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    I applied this. It says Build secceeded! But I can not find the build folder. Am I missing something? – Shoeb Amin Nov 26 '14 at 10:28
  • Please check the terminal log and find the Build Path. copy that path. now open "Finder" window, Finder menu -> Go -> Go to Folder. Paste the build path. – Pradip Vanparia Nov 27 '14 at 5:21

Here is the another easy method to create .zip file

  • Step 1: open finder and press command⌘ + shift⇧ + g
  • Step 2: paste "~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData"
  • Step 3: select your_app_name-jkfksdfhskdhfksdh some thing like this folder
  • Step 4: your_app_name-jkfksdfhskdhfksdh >>Build>>Products>>Debug-iphonesimulator

  • Step 5: You will see 2 files one is your_app_name.app(icon like rounder and 1 cross line ) and 2nd file is your_app_name.app.dSYM

  • Step 6: To create .zip file right click on your_app_name.app and select "Compress your_app_name". It will generate .zip file and submit it to facebook.
  • Thanks a lot! you saved me millions of times – Balasubramanian Apr 3 '17 at 13:46
  • The command line code!! you can get it from above answer which is posted by #Tibidabo – veeresh kumbar Apr 3 '17 at 13:52
  • I'm trying to do this, but the DerivedData folder is empty even after I have run my app. If it is relevant, I am using Expo – Fractaly Aug 12 '17 at 17:00

I'm in the same boat and have been struggling with this!

I managed to get my build working by adding the following to the command line args:

-workspace [Name.xcworkspace] -Scheme [NameOfScheme]

I also had to edit the scheme and add the Pods target explicitly as it was failing the build with Library not found for -lPods.

  • I did not need to manually add the pods target. Also, in case you're wondering what your scheme name is, it is in the top left between the run/stop buttons and the target selector and is probably the name of your project. – vish May 29 '14 at 21:30

Having the same issue, I had both errors fixed @bean his error by adding 'i386' to the "valid architectures" in build settings. (for my app target, pod target and every pod separately)

My full build command is:

xcodebuild -workspace [projectName].xcworkspace -scheme [schemeName] -arch i386 -sdk=iphonesimulator7.1

I can complete the build but I get tons warnings:

warning: no rule to process file '[any .m file]' of type sourcecode.c.objc for architecture i386

I have no idea how to fix this, an .app file is created just not on the location the facebook tutorial says it should be (its in "~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/.." instead of "{projectDir}/build/...")

Now 2 questions remain for me:

1.) How can I test or this .app file works (double-clicking it tells me the file is damaged.)

2.) (Why) Can I not just build the app from within Xcode using the simulator and just submit the .app file that Xcode created?

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    If you add these arguments it will build to build/Debug-iphonesimulator: OBJROOT=$(PWD)/build SYMROOT=$(PWD)/build. To run use ios-sim: github.com/phonegap/ios-sim – vish Jun 4 '14 at 11:47

Facebook updated its guidelines how to make a simulator built (link)

  1. Run your app in your Xcode iPhone 5 simulator. This automatically creates a simulator build in Xcode's DerivedData cache.

  2. Run: ditto -ck --sequesterRsrc --keepParent ls -1 -d -t ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/*/Build/Products/*-iphonesimulator/*.app | head -n 1 path/to/YourApp.zip This automatically zips the simulator build.

  3. You can verify the simulator build by using the ios-sim utility Command-line App Launcher for Simulator.

  4. Submit YourApp.zip.

  • where do I have to run the second step ? thanks for your help – user5370095 Dec 8 '15 at 8:01
  • @user5370095 same place as described in the link in the accepted answer (your project directory). Also, path/to/YourApp.zip can just be ~/Desktop/YourApp.zip – Cbas Mar 20 '16 at 21:00

it's simple as going to ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData//Build/Products/-iphonesimulator/XXXX.app copy you XXXX.app from there and copy to desktop ..right click and select compress.. you will a zip file for your app.Submit it to fB


Developers who has failed with @Pradip Vanparia's Solution like me this will work:

xcodebuild -workspace {project name}.xcworkspace -scheme {project name}  -arch i386 -sdk iphonesimulator9.3

And I found iphonesimulator9.3 by following command:

xcodebuild -showsdks

The just "Copy/Past" way :

ditto -ck --sequesterRsrc --keepParent `ls -1 -d -t ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/*/Build/Products/*-iphonesimulator/*.app | head -n 1` MyApp.zip

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