I'm trying to clone/copy my product entity with all of it's children but can get this to work. I use the export/import method but the children are not included and the id stays the same.

function cloneProduct(product) {

    console.log("product before export", product);

    var exportData = this.manager.exportEntities([product]);
    var manager2 = this.manager.createEmptyCopy();
    var importData = manager2.importEntities(exportData);

    console.log("product after import", importData);

    return importData;

Can anyone help me?


For now I'm using the method provided on this question: Breeze create entity from existing one

I don't know that is the correct way to use, but it gets the job done for now.


We have nothing better to offer at this time than the answer to the SO question that you found: Breeze create entity from existing one.

A configured-deep clone is on our backlog. Would you mind voting for it here?

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