I am running a search with an iterator and asserting using TestNG Assert.assertFail. I handle the code using try{}catch{} mechanism to ensure that the tests don't break if an assertion fails. But I find that the code breaks in case of assertion failure, I am looking for a way by which the WebDriver should search with the next record in the iterator list in case of failure. kindly help....

while (countryListiterator.hasNext()) {


            countryListiteratorNextVAL = countryListiterator.next();

            searchResultPO toSearchpage = homeTosearch

            // Do an Assertion here, if fails the test-ng class breaks without going to the next record.
                 Assert.assertFalse(boolean  condition)


As per the design, It would fail/break. You will have to reinvent assertion by following the link (http://beust.com/weblog/2012/07/29/reinventing-assertions/)

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