I want to stream audio from my Android app to PHP server.

I found one solution HERE, but I want to do this not in Java, rather in PHP + HTML5 + JS. How can I do that? Is there any JS plugins to handle audio streaming?

  • You want a Java-code Android application to stream audio to a PHP server using PHP/HTML/JS (again, inside an Android application)? – shkschneider May 6 '14 at 14:20
  • I want to stream audio from android app to web-browser. One person is speaking to the smartphone, second person is listening on browser - and they can't send stream from browser to android, it's one way only. – thorin86 May 6 '14 at 14:23
  • 1
    Why not use the working Java code? What have you tried regarding PHP/HTML/JS? – shkschneider May 6 '14 at 14:25
  • My client don't want to run Java in browser to handle streaming, that is why I'm looking for other possibilities. – thorin86 May 6 '14 at 14:40

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