For my new program I want to echo the code of a webpage. I searched on google and Stack Overflow but didn´t found something like this. I do not want to use external programs like URL2FILE or something like this.


This code is from a previous question that only needed to do the query to the server (linked in comments) with the "display" of the page source code added.

@if (@This==@IsBatch) @then
@echo off
rem **** batch zone *********************************************************

    setlocal enableextensions disabledelayedexpansion

    rem Batch file will delegate all the work to the script engine 
    if not "%~1"=="" (
        cscript //E:JScript "%~dpnx0" %1

    rem End of batch area. Ensure batch ends execution before reaching
    rem javascript zone
    exit /b

// **** Javascript zone *****************************************************

    // Instantiate the needed component to make url queries
    var http = WScript.CreateObject('Msxml2.XMLHTTP.6.0');

    // Retrieve the url parameter
    var url = WScript.Arguments.Item(0)

    // Make the request

    http.open("GET", url, false);

    // If we get a OK from server (status 200), echo data to console

    if (http.status === 200) WScript.StdOut.Write(http.responseText);

    // All done. Exit

It is just an hybrid batch/javascript file. Saved as callurl.cmd and called as callurl "http://www.google.es" it will do what you ask for. No error check appart from correct response, no post, just a skeleton.

  • It closes instatly when I start it with a second Batch file. (I am a noob at hybrid files) – user3608791 May 8 '14 at 14:52
  • @user3608791, there is no difference from a normal batch file. Does it run when directly called from command line? – MC ND May 8 '14 at 15:55
  • Yes. But instantly disappears. – user3608791 May 8 '14 at 16:23
  • @user3608791, from command line you type callurl.cmd "http://www.google.com" and it disappears? – MC ND May 8 '14 at 16:28
  • Yes it disappears instantly – user3608791 May 8 '14 at 17:03

So you want to display the source code of a webpage in the console line?

In Linux you can use GET google.com.

  • Yea. But in A bacth Console Line. In Windows. – user3608791 May 6 '14 at 18:23

The Batch file below display in the screen the HTML Code of the webpage given in the parameter, so I think it is a solution to this topic.

@if (@CodeSection == @Batch) @then

@echo off
rem Start explorer with the web page and wait for it to initialize
start "" Explorer.exe %1
timeout /T 5 > NUL
rem Send to Explorer: Alt-V (View tab)...
CScript //nologo //E:JScript "%~F0" "%%V"
timeout /T 1 > NUL
rem ... followed by S (Source)
CScript //nologo //E:JScript "%~F0" "S"
goto :EOF



Use previous program this way:

test.bat http://www.google.com

For further details, see this post.

  • It only opens google.com in chrome, not the HTML Code in the Batch file. – user3608791 May 8 '14 at 14:51
  • The program send the keys used in IExplorer to show the source HTML code: Alt-V and S. You may change those keys by the ones used in Chrome... – Aacini May 8 '14 at 15:36

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