Is it possible to reflect on a field of a struct, and get a reference to its tag values?

For example:

type User struct {
    name    string `json:name-field`
    age     int
user := &User{"John Doe The Fourth", 20}
func getStructTag(i interface{}) string{
   //get tag from field


From what I can see, the usual way to do this is to range over typ.NumField(), and then call field.Tag.Get("tagname"). However, in my use-case, it would be much better to not have to pass the whole struct in. Any ideas?

  • You can also get fields by name. What's wrong with passing the struct? If you don't pass the struct, how do you intend to get the type? – JimB May 7 '14 at 1:35

You don't need to pass in the whole struct, but passing in the value of one of the fields is not sufficient. In your example user.name is just a string - the reflect package will have no way of correlating that back to the original struct.

Instead, you need to pass around the reflect.StructField for the given field:

field, ok := reflect.TypeOf(user).Elem().FieldByName("name")
tag = string(field.Tag)

See http://play.golang.org/p/G6wxUVVbOw

(note, we use Elem above because user is a pointer to a struct).

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