I am using an iframe in my project and it seems that whenever it loads content on a opacity background - it flashes "white" for around 1 second before correctly appearing.

It seems that it fires loaded event before the jQuery script is ready. I have tried

style="visibility:hidden;" onload="this.style.visibility = 'visible';"

but doesn't work. Any other ideas to get rid of this ?


Try using:

style="display:none" onload="this.style.display = 'block';"

visibility:hidden doesn't actually "hide" the element as such - it still takes up the space it would if it were visible. display:none actually makes the element completely invisible, as if it doesn't exist.

  • No problem. I had a similar issue when I first learned about visibility: hidden. :) – Lucas Jones Mar 2 '10 at 22:42

If you have control over the framed page - Set your background color on that page to transparent. Most browsers are white by default


I had some difficulty with getting:

style="display:none" onload="this.style.display = 'block';"

to work in my situation on Chrome and Safari.

If these aren't working for you, try:

style="opacity: 0;" onload="this.style.opacity = 1;"


I had exactly this problem, and tried all the remedies on this page without success. It was flashing on Chrome, not FireFox.

What worked for me was changing:

$("#iframe").prop('src', url);


$("#iframe").attr('href', url);

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