I've got a grep script that searches through a directory recursively.

grep -n -R -e 'search term' -e 'second search term' ./ 

However the results I get are the following. Notice there are found matches in JPGs but no actual result.

Binary file ./jpg/00015928.jpg matches
Binary file ./jpg/00015296.jpg matches
Binary file ./jpg/00020072.jpg matches

Is there any way to see the result in the output like a normal grep search?

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    What output do you expect from grep?
    – anubhava
    May 7, 2014 at 8:50

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grep --text


grep -a 

for short. This is equivalent to --binary-files=text and it should show the matches in binary files.

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    Note that you may need this flag in case your input file is indeed text file but it contains e.g. some random binary bytes in the middle because the data is corrupted or the "binary content" heuristics fails otherwise. The intent to need to specify this flag is to avoid outputting raw binary content to output accidentally if you grep a binary file by mistake. Traditionally outputting binary content to terminal could mess the whole terminal and require resetting the terminal to continue but that shouldn't happen with modern UTF-8 based systems. Sep 21 at 10:44

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