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I am using Asian characters in my android app, I learned already that some characters are not displayable because they are not supported by the system's fonts. I query a database with Asian characters and I often retrieve signs which are not displayable. These cases are usually not a problem for my application, but are irritating to the user if I display not supported characters. Is there something like a test of a sign for displayability in Android?

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This will be helpful

public boolean isPrintable( char c ) {
    Character.UnicodeBlock block = Character.UnicodeBlock.of( c );
    return (!Character.isISOControl(c)) &&
                    block != null &&
                    block != Character.UnicodeBlock.SPECIALS;

Please refer printable char in java

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Not working for me. The KeyEvent.CHAR_UNDEFINED is not available. I used KeyEvent.UNKNOWN instead. But its still not working. – Ashish Tanna Sep 19 '15 at 0:14
@AshishTanna edited my answer. – Sripathi Apr 10 at 19:31

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