Today I sign-up Mandrill account to learn how it's work. This is my PHP code to send a simple email:


$apikey = 'API_KEY_HERE';

require_once 'Mandrill.php';
$mandrill = new Mandrill($apikey);

$message = new stdClass();
$message->html = "html message";
//$message->text = "text body";
$message->subject = "email subject";
$message->from_email = "from@email.com";
$message->from_name  = "My App Name";
$message->to = array(array("email" => "recipient@email.com"));
$message->track_opens = true;

$response = $mandrill->messages->send($message);


This script use this Bitbucket repo.

I wonder how to insert Reply-to email address variable in the script. What is the variable name? I'm looking at the docs page but I get stucked.

I'm new to PHP. I really appreciate your helps. Thanks in advance!


Ok. I found it.

$message->headers = array('Reply-To' => 'another@email.com');
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    Thanks @awesomebing1! – Zulhilmi Zainudin Sep 5 '15 at 9:19

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