I have setup ffserver to stream mpeg-ts, flv from a live rtsp feed via ffmpeg, but when i also include webm format in the configuration and try to play the webm file in browser i get the following error in the log

"Only VP8,VP9 video and Vorbis,Opus(experimental, use -strict -2) audio and WebVTT subtitles are supported for WebM"

The ffmpeg command i use is ffmpeg -i rtsp:// -c copy http://xxx.xxxx.xxxx:8080/feed1.ffm

The ffserver configuration is

Feed feed1.ffm Format webm NoAudio AVOptionVideo flags +global_header VideoBitRate 500k VideoBufferSize 40 VideoFrameRate 25 VideoCodec libvpx StartSendOnKey Preroll 15

Appreciate your help in this!


try to compile ffmpeg with libvpx support (../configure --enable-libvpx)

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