I have followed the tutorial here on building a validation service for laravel. I am having issues now when trying to call the validator from one of my controllers. I am seeing the error:

validController cannot use Portal\Service\Validation\Laravel\AppInstancesValidator - it is not a trait

here is my controller:

class validController extends BaseController {

   use \Portal\Service\Validation\Laravel\AppInstancesValidator;

   public function validateInstance() {
      $post = Input::all();

      $instVal = new AppInstancesValidator( App::make('validator'));

      return $instVal->with($post)->passes();


and my validator:

namespace Portal\Service\Validation\Laravel;

use Portal\Service\Validation\ValidableInterface;

class AppInstancesValidator extends LaravelValidator implements ValidableInterface {

  protected $rules = array(
    'app_name' => 'required',
    'app_instance_name' => 'required',
    'app_instance_ip' => 'required|ip'


Try putting the use before the class declaration:

<?php // namespace Portal\Controllers;

use \Portal\Service\Validation\Laravel\AppInstancesValidator;

class validController extends BaseController {

    public function validateInstance() {}


Your 'use' statement should be above the class definition of validController

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