How do I set the gprof flags for the compiler and linker of GNU g++ in a CMakeLists.txt?

My current approach,


does not allow gprof to demangle the C++ functions. Any ideas? (I am using C++11)

  • All that is needed to demangle a function is the function name itself, you can't add extra g++ flags to help AFAIK. – Jonathan Wakely Oct 30 '14 at 16:18

Try using:


That must add flags to compile and link, and use after execute the program:

gprof ./my_exe

If you get an error like:

gmon.out: No such file or directory

That means that compilation didn't add profiling info propertly.

The series of events here is supposed to work as follows:

1º Compile code with -pg option
2º Link code with -pg option
3º Run program
4º Program generates gmon.out file
5º Run gprof

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