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I've got an employee rates table in MS Access. I would like to select the latest/max rates record for each employee:


So for example for employee nr 3 there would be
ID(Autonumber)   EmployeeID    EmployeeRate
1                3             100.00
2                3             150.00
3                10            110.00
4                10            160.00

How do I select records 2 and 4?

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SELECT  a.EmployeeID, MAX(a.EmployeeRate)
FROM YourTable AS a
GROUP BY a.EmployeeID;
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well latest vs max rates are 2 different concepts. This should get you the latest rate for the employee.

If you want latest do something like this

select EmployeeID, EmployeeRate from YourTable a
join (select EmployeeID as EmployeeID , max(id) as id from YourTable group by EmployeeID) b on b.id=a.id
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Good point. Want to expand on your comments in your answer to tell OP that he would need a date field or some indicator to identify a rating as "most recent" ? –  Mark C. May 9 '14 at 15:08
Sure thanks for the suggestion. –  mgmedick May 9 '14 at 15:21

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