Is it possible to import the valid certificate of the Windows Server, where VisualSVN is installed, into VisualSVN?


UPDATE: Importing certificates in pfx format implemented VisualSVN Server 2.6:

Yes, it's possible. Please consider the following steps:

  1. Export certificate and private key to pfx format
  2. Convert certificate and private key to PEM format using following command: "%VISUALSVN_SERVER%\bin\openssl" pkcs12 -in mycert.pfx -out mycert.pem -nodes

  3. Start VisualSVN Server Manager.

  4. Open properties for root node.
  5. Click Change certificate button on Certificate property page.
  6. Click Import signed certificate option.
  7. Browse to PEM encoded certificate and private key.
  8. Click Finish and then Apply.

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