I am working on an extending a current project and came cross this line of code:

MyGenericRelation().contribute_to_class(model, 'field_name')

The result of this code is a field with 'field_name' added to the 'model' and from what I gather, the objects inside the field are a list of type X (part of MyGenericRelation).

I wanted to understand how this contribute_to_class method works. Why do I get a list of X objects attached to 'field_name' and does it have to be generic relations?

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    Can you explain what you're trying to do and why you think you need to modify this code? What are you not able to achieve with normal generic relations? Mar 1, 2010 at 19:39

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Basically, for objects that have a contribute_to_class method, when adding them to a Model class, we call contribute_to_class instead of setattr: this allows objects to do additional book-keeping and/or modification of the class as they are added. Alex Gaynor has a good explanation here: http://lazypython.blogspot.com/2008/11/django-models-digging-little-deeper.html

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