Say I have string A: /CI/index.php?/user/dashboard/
And string B: http://localhost/CI/index.php

Using php how does one find the commonality between them aka /CI/index.php and remove it so that we are only left with http://localhost/CI/index.php?/user/dashboard/

  • Is the common part always the beginning of A and the end of B? – Barmar May 10 '14 at 0:37
  • yes, but its not always the same – Alex May 10 '14 at 0:39

The commented link from Mr Bahamondez didn't work for his specific problem.

Is this CodeIgniter? Wouldn't removing 'CI/index.php' with htaccess rewrites be an easier option?

I've hacked this long winded essay of a lump of code together (it's late...) which I hope will help you - I'm sure someone else will do a better job, there's a problem though with getting the question mark back into the url.

$str1 = "http://localhost/CI/index.php";
$str2 = "/CI/index.php?/user/dashboard/";

// Take the url scheme and host out of the equation
$url_array = parse_url($str1 . $str2);

// store the path
$path = $url_array['path'];

// store the query (anything after a ?)
$query = $url_array['query'];

// Combine and split into an array using '/' as delimiter
$segments = explode("/", $path . $query);

// store the unique keys and filter out any empty values
$new_array = array_unique( array_filter($segments) );



array (
  1 => 'CI',
  2 => 'index.php',
  5 => 'user',
  6 => 'dashboard',

Which you could then rebuild with

// Hacky rebuild the url
$segment = "";

foreach ($new_array as $seg) {
    $segment .= $seg . "/";

$new_url = $url_array['scheme'] . "://" . $url_array['host'] . "/" . $segment;

Which will give http://localhost/CI/index.php/user/dashboard/

index.php and index.php? causes a problem but if you have a specific case where you know that it will always be /CI/index.php maybe you can hack that out?

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  • actually, the posted duplicate works fine for my method. but i really appreciate your work and will take it under advisement! upvoted – Alex May 17 '14 at 0:21

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