I have three clinical data files in *.xls . I saved these three files in microsoft excel as *.csv file . and then I imported these *.csv files into the Weka tool . To use Apriori association rule, I changed the data types to Nominal data types through " weka>>filters>>unsupervised>>attribute>>NumericToNominal " . But , in the "Associate " tab , Apriori rule can not be used , because the "start" button is disabled .

How can I solve these problem ? Is there other restrictions to use Apriori rule in Weka tool ? ...

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Did you click on "Apply" next to the Filter area? It will convert everything to Nominal.


to use the Association Apriori algorithm all attributes should be discretized. you may have attributes which are numeric. so convert it to discrete values


Association rule mining can only be performed on categorical data. This requires performing discretization on numeric or continuous attributes. See the discretization section of this tutorial

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