I have this simple piece of code in c++:

int main(void)
        string text = "http://www.amazon.com";
        string a,b,c,d,e,f;
        pcrecpp::RE re("^((\\w+):\\/\\/\\/?)?((\\w+):?(\\w+)?@)?([^\\/\\?:]+):?(\\d+)?(\\/?[^\\?#;\\|]+)?([;\\|])?([^\\?#]+)?\\??([^#]+)?#?(\\w*)");
        if(re.PartialMatch(text, &a,&b,&c,&d,&e,&f)) 
            std::cout << "match: " << f << "\n";
            // should print "www.amazon.com"
            std::cout << "no match. \n";
        return 0;

When I run this it doesn't find a match. I pretty sure that the regex pattern is correct and my code is what's wrong. If anyone familiar with pcrecpp can take a look at this Ill be grateful.

EDIT: Thanks to Dingo, it works great.
another issue I had is that the result was at the sixth place - "f".
I edited the code above so you can copy/paste if you wish.

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The problem is that your code contains ??( which is a trigraph in C++ for [. You'll either need to disable trigraphs or do something to break them up like:

pcrecpp::RE re("^((\\w+):\\/\\/\\/?)?((\\w+):?(\\w+)?@)?([^\\/\\?:]+):?(\\d+)?(\\/?[^\\?#;\\|]+)?([;\\|])?([^\\?#]+)?\\??" "([^#]+)?#?(\\w*)"); 

Please do cout << re.pattern() << endl; to double-check that all your double-slashing is done right (and also post the result).

Looks like


The hostname isn't going to be returned from the first capture group, why are you using parentheses around for example \w+ that you aren't wanting to capture?


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