Instead of QFtp in Qt4.8.2 I am now in the process of porting to QNetworkAccessManager in Qt5.2.1 etc.

I have the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to port QFtp::rawCommand("SITE UMASK 22"); to a solution based on QNetworkAccessManager?

  2. How do I specify transfer type using QNetworkAccessManager? In QFtp it is specified as an argument in e.g. int QFtp::put(QIODevice* dev,const QString& file,TransferType type = Binary)?

  3. Is it possible to port int QFtp::rename(const QString & oldname,const QString & newname) to QNetworkAccessManager?

Looking at Qt code to get list of files from ftp server using QNetworkAccessManager question on Qt 5.0, makes me think that I need to install the compatibility libraries to make the migration.


The QtFtp library is needed as QNetworkAccessManager currently does not support needed functionality. E.g. QNetworkAccessManager only use binary transfer mode. In addition, there is no support for any commands other than get and put.

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    QtFtp is not actively maintained. It is a good idea to look for some alternative solution, unless you have some legacy code which needs QtFtp. In fact, its readme says: "This repository contains deprecated APIs which have been removed from Qt. Applications are recommended to port to the supported APIs." (code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtftp.git/tree/readme.txt) – skalee Apr 6 '19 at 13:58

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