I folow a article about ElasticSearch and I try put this example on my engine.


curl -XPUT 'elasticsearch:9200/twitter/tweet/1' -d '{
    "user": "david",
    "message": "C'est mon premier message de la journée !",
    "postDate": "2010-03-15T15:23:56",
    "priority": 2,
    "rank": 10.2

I try to send this information across a bash file (I use Putty), but I have this errror:

{"error":"MapperParsingException[object mapping for [tweet] tried to parse as object, 
  but got EOF, has a concrete value been provided to it?]","status":400}

I also try to see one error with "cat -e tweet.sh", but I don't understand why I've got this error.

Thanks in advance.

  • Post your index mapping.. – BlackPOP May 12 '14 at 12:06
  • I think it's because type's mapping mismatches stored document structure. – atott Oct 1 '14 at 12:04
  • There's also a single quote in your input that may be screwing it up. So, instead of sending the full object, it's only sending '{ "user": "david", "message": "C' – Chris Hall May 4 '16 at 17:02

It's a type mismatching. I'm facing with such issue too. It looks like you try to index a value into an object mapped json. i.e., you indexed one time something like this:

  "obj1": {
    "field1": "value1"

and then index this:

  "obj1": "value"

Check your existing mapping via elasticsearch:9200/twitter/_mapping and you will see if that one of the field was indexed as object

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