I've tried searching for several hours but cannot find an answer that works. I want to load a different image for each day of the year.

I have some js that creates a variable based on the date function. I concatenate this with other text strings to get this variable:

photo2load = http://www.example.com/photos/pic132.jpg

How do I then get this photo to load. What is the scripting required? I'm at a total loss.

Thanks in advance.


You need to add an id attribute to your image and then onload call a function with inside something like this:

function loadMyImage(){
    var img = document.getElementById("id-of-image");
    img.src = photo2Load;

Or if you want to pass directly your variable call the function like this

loadMyImage( photo2Load);

function loadMyImage(imgUrl){
    var img = document.getElementById("id-of-image");
    img.src = imgUrl ;

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