I have a custom generator and am writing some tests for it. Before the app.run() call I already have a app.options['skip-install'] = true to prevent npm from running. But I need it to auto-overwrite files too.

Part way through the install I get a [?] Overwrite client/file.js? (Ynaxdh) and need it to auto-answer it for me.

I have tried app.options.force = true but that doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm running in app install with this:

function installApp(obj, opts, done) {
  helpers.mockPrompt(obj.app, opts);
  obj.app.options['skip-install'] = true;
  obj.app.run({}, function () {
      function (cb) {
        if (opts._extras.addPage) {
          installAppPage(obj, cb);
        } else {
    ], done);

Then I want to run a sub-generator with this:

function installAppPage(obj, done) {
  helpers.mockPrompt(obj.page, {
    pageName: 'webPage',
    pageType: 'web'
  obj.page.args = ['--force'];  // This isn't working
  obj.page.options.force;       // This isn't working either
  obj.page.run([], function () {
    helpers.mockPrompt(obj.page, {
      pageName: 'mobilePage',
      pageType: 'mobile'
    obj.page.run({}, function () {

The sub-generator for the page modifies a file. I need to to just overwrite it so I can test it. How do I force it? I can't be prompted while running the tests, it needs to be automated.


I think you're looking for conflicter.force

obj.page.conflicter.force = true;

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