I have a Spring/Maven/Hibernate/MySQL application. I am working with the recent release 5.6.17 for MySql. Can someone please point me to mysql 5.6.17 pom file for maven. I cannot find it in the central repo. Thanks. P


I'm assuming you're trying to add the correct version of MySQL's Connector/J library to your project, which would allow you to access your MySQL database from code.

If that's the case, just add this to your project's pom file, under dependencies:


This version (5.1.30) of Connector/J was released March 31, 2014. The similar version numbers might be confusing, but this is most likely the version of the Connector/J library you want.

More information about the Maven dependency here.

EDIT: And because you're using Hibernate, you'll want to set com.mysql.jdbc.Driver as the connection.driver_class in your Hibernate configuration.

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  • Many thanks, that worked. You are right I was using 5.6.17 connector-java instead of the 5.1.3, since 5.6.17 was the msi installer I used to install mysql. – Pshah May 13 '14 at 2:45

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