Im running a MongoDB (2.6.1) instance and have several million documents e.g.

t.save( { _id: 1, title: "Physics World", caption: "Physics World is the membership magazine of the Institute of Physics."} );
t.save( { _id: 2, title: "A break away!", caption: "'A break away!' is an 1891 painting by Australian main writer Tom Roberts."} );
t.save( { _id: 3, title: "Mahim Bora", caption: "Mahim Bora (b.1926) is an Indian main writer and educationist from Assam state."});

I've also created an index e.g.:

t.ensureIndex( { caption: "text" } );

Then I search for the phrase "main writer" like this:

t.runCommand( "text", { search : "\"main writer\"", limit: 2000 } );

The problem I'm having is that Mongo only seems to return one record instead of two. If I load my data into SOLR and index it for full text search it works as expected.

Is there anything I could be missing here?


Keep in mind that the text command you are running was deprecated in version 2.6:


Deprecated since version 2.6: Use $text query operator instead.

You should be using $text instead:

db.t.find({$text:{ $search : "\"main writer\""}}).limit(2000)

Don't know if that will make a difference in your specific case but using a deprecated command will make it difficult to debug and it definitely won't be supported in the future. When I tested this both versions worked but I only had 3 documents loaded, not the millions you have.

  • Just tried this from the mongo shell - same result. :( – user1513388 May 13 '14 at 14:40
  • I'd take you example data and query and run it against a collection with only 3 documents. If that works correctly it would point to either a bug or a problem with your index (which I would suggest in any event you try dropping and recreating). – John Petrone May 13 '14 at 15:08

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