I need to create a subscription for my SSRS reports in an asp.net page. I can show the reports in a reportviewer using Reporting.WebForms. SSRS is on the another computer in my network. For reportviewer, I use "admin" and "pass" for credentials which is the SSRS machine's admin username and password and it's ok. And admin has all the roles for SSRS reports.

But when I try to createSubscription via ReportingService2006 web service I can't make it. I'm not a professional nor amateur. searched the web a lot.

tried this and the odetocode version of this:

1. technet - something similar 1

But couldn't make it happen. Really appriciate any help. thx in advance.


An alternative would be to setup some of your reports using "Data driven subscriptions". I find its pretty easy to manage this if your going to be doing alot of updates to your report subscriptions. It will allow you to interact with user subscriptions via a custom SQL table.

You can find a MSDN tutorial on setup for Data driven subscriptions here

  • All I need to do, is to create monthly report backups to a folder of all the reports via code. But data driven seems like a dynamic subscriber based thing. Thanks anyway. – Beytan Kurt Mar 2 '10 at 14:44

There is a good article and source code here, it's the best info on this topic I've found so far.


There is also a class reference here


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