I want to start SPI communication with C# on my Raspberry. The bcm2835 lib supports the needed commands like:

  • bcm2835_spi_begin()
  • bcm2835_spi_end()
  • etc.

In C you have to #include < bcm2835.h > but in C# using bcm2835; does not work.

RaspberryPiDotNet is installed and the bcm2835 library aswell.

The GPIO Pins can be controlled with the GPIOMem command which uses the bcm2835 library.

How can C# use the SPI commands of bcm2835 ? Everything on the net is for C or C++.


How to get SPI working with C# on the Raspberry Pi

Here is a complete Tutorial how to get it to work:

  1. Install Mono:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install mono-complete
  2. Install RaspberryPiDotNet:

    mkdir gpio_csharp
    git clone git://github.com/cypherkey/RaspberryPi.Net.git
    cd RaspberryPi.Net/RaspberryPiDotNet
    xbuild RaspberryPiDotNet.csproj
    cp bin/Debug/RaspberryPiDotNet.dll /home/pi/gpio_csharp/
  3. Install bcm2835 library:

    wget http://www.airspayce.com/mikem/bcm2835/bcm2835-1.36.tar.gz
    tar -zxf bcm2835-1.36.tar.gz
    cd bcm2835-1.36
    sudo make check
    sudo make install
    cd src
    cc - shared bcm2835.o -o libbcm2835.so
    cp libbcm2835.so /home/pi/gpio_csharp/
  4. Delete unused files and folders:
    With this command you can delete the created folders and files but do not delete the "gpio_csharp":

    rm -r <folder>
    rm <file>
  5. Create a C# script:

    nano /home/pi/gpio_csharp/xxxxx.cs   //xxxxx is your filename
    CTRL + X     //For exit and save script
  6. Add SPI commands in the script:
    (Add this in the "class" space of the programm)

    [DllImport("libbcm2835.so", EntryPoint = "bcm2835_spi_begin")]
    static extern void spi_begin();
    [DllImport("libbcm2835.so", EntryPoint = "bcm2835_spi_end")]
    static extern void spi_end();
    [DllImport("libbcm2835.so", EntryPoint = "bcm2835_spi_transfer")]
    static extern byte spi_transfer(byte val);
    [DllImport("libbcm2835.so", EntryPoint = "bcm2835_spi_chipSelect")]
    static extern byte spi_chipSelect(GPIOPins pin);
    [DllImport("libbcm2835.so", EntryPoint = "bcm2835_spi_setClockDivider")]
    static extern byte spi_setClockDivider(int val);
    [DllImport("libbcm2835.so", EntryPoint = "bcm2835_spi_setDataMode")]
    static extern byte spi_setDataMode(int val);
    [DllImport("libbcm2835.so", EntryPoint = "bcm2835_spi_setChipSelectPolarity")]
    static extern byte spi_setChipSelectPolarity(GPIOPins pin, bool activeHigh);
  7. Use commands in your code:
    Now you can use the following commands to use SPI. Example is down the page.



        //SPI Try
        spi_setChipSelectPolarity(cs, false);
  • Thanks so much for the tutorial! When compiling libbcm2835 I was lost because I didn't know the step cc - shared bcm2835.o -o libbcm2835.so
    – Colin
    Jun 19 '15 at 1:35
  • 1
    Your code is cc - shared bcm2835.o -o libbcm2835.so, shouldn't it be cc -shared bcm2835.o -o libbcm2835.so (no space before shared)?
    – TPReal
    May 1 '20 at 22:37

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