I have to create a number of tables for my project and each one of them has a foreign key besides their primary key. I know how to create a table on putty without the foreign key but if they are all depends on each other, then how to create them individually ?

For example, if I want to create table A, B and C

SSN numeric(9) primary key,
PNAME varchar(20),
CITY varchar(20),
STREETADDRESS varchar(50),
STATE char(2),
ZIP numeric(5),
AREACODE numeric(3),
PHONENUMBER numeric(7),
SEX char(1),
TITLE char(4),
SALARY float(9),
foreign key (DNUM) references DEPARTMENT(DNUM)

DNUM numeric(1) primary key,
DNAME varchar(20),
DPHONE numeric(10),

foreign key (CWID) references STUDENT(CWID)

CWID numeric(9) primary key,
FNAME varchar(20),
LNAME varchar(20),
SADDRESS varchar(50),
SPHONE numeric(10),

foreign key (DNUM) references DEPARTMENT(DNUM)

I'm using Putty to create table and I have to run them separately. The thing is if I run the scrip separately for each table, it's going to give me an error, because the table that has the foreign key does not create yet. How am I going to fix it ? and is there a work around way on solving this problem ? Thank you. If I run the script for creating table separately, it will give me an error

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