I pulled this code from this page on MDN. It works wonderfully, except for IE10 (and others, likely).

The purpose of this code is to open a URL other than the current page in an iframe and print it. In IE10, it just prints the current page.

function closePrint () {

function setPrint () {
  this.contentWindow.__container__ = this;
  this.contentWindow.onbeforeunload = closePrint;
  this.contentWindow.onafterprint = closePrint;
  this.contentWindow.focus(); // Required for IE

function printPage (sURL) {
  var oHiddFrame = document.createElement("iframe");
  oHiddFrame.onload = setPrint;
  oHiddFrame.style.visibility = "hidden";
  oHiddFrame.style.position = "fixed";
  oHiddFrame.style.right = "0";
  oHiddFrame.style.bottom = "0";
  oHiddFrame.src = sURL;

My ability to debug this has been limited due to not having a Windows VM. Does anything look obviously wrong here?

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