when we type NSInteger in Xcode, then a symbol shows before it like: C, #, T etc.

So what is that symbol stands for?

I share a screenshot please anybody can guide me ?

enter image description here


Here is the list:

T - typedef
C - Class
# - #define
V - Property
K - Constant
f - C Function
M - Objective C Method
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Here is a more complete list of symbols, taken from this question.

Red: Macros

# = macro (think #define)

Brown: Core Data / Namespace

C = modeled class
M = modeled method
P = modeled property
N = C++ namespace

Orange: Aliased types

C̲ = Objective-C category
E = enum
T = typedef

Green: Variables

B = binding
ƒ = function
F = field
K = constant
L = local variable
O = IBOutlet
V = variable (can be ivar, global var, local var, etc.)
x = parameter (think f(x))

Blue: Methods

A = IBAction
M = method
P = property

Purple: Aggregate types

C = class (Objective-C or C++)
₠ = class extension
Pr = Objective-C protocol
S = struct
U = union
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  1. # - Macro define

  2. V - Property

  3. M - Methods

  4. K - Constants variable

  5. f - Function

  6. T - typedef enum

  7. C - Class

  8. {} - Instance Type Blocks

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