I create cell with text. After that I set WrapText property and column width.

var cell = worksheet.Cell("A1");
cell.Style.Alignment.WrapText = true;
cell.SetValue("This is very long text");
worksheet.Column(1).Width = 10;

The text has been moved by words, but row height is not changed. How to adjust row height to cell content?

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There are many ways to achieve this.

Don't use wrap or shrink properties on cell values rather include this line just before saving your excel


Another way is to make use of Allignment property

 IXLRange titleRange = ws.Range("B2:AA2");
            .Alignment.SetWrapText(true); // Its single statement

Hope it helps!!


It works when you remove the worksheet.Rows().AdjustToContents();.

Autofitting sometimes needs more of a trial and error approach ...


I think this is a bug of ClosedXML. enter link description here


In my case it works. Version: 0.95.4


The following code worked for me.

IXLRange contents = ws.Range("A1:A50");
contents.Style.Alignment.WrapText = true;

You can also AdjustToContents on Specific range of cells.

worksheet.Columns(2, 20).AdjustToContents();
  • Question is about adjusting the height, not columns. Commented Dec 15, 2021 at 4:10
  • 7 Years later????? - I didn't remember the question :D
    – Smit Patel
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  • @Zimano - I've put it because of a Range can also be applied with AdjustToContents - Someone might have that question as well apart from what asked, As a developer we should think on wider level and don't need to stick to the exact question everytime.
    – Smit Patel
    Commented Jan 21, 2023 at 16:58

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