I'm using autobahn android web socket library to build my web socket client application. In order to keep the web socket connection alive for a long time, I need to periodically send ping messages from the client.

How can I do that with auotbahn android web socket library?

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AutobahnAndroid's WebSocketWriter supports client pong messages, and AutobahnPython claims the following:

explicit processing of Pings/Pongs is unnecessary normally - AutobahnPython will do the right thing under the hood.

However, during execution of a simple chat client-server setup, I observe no such ping/pong heartbeat messages.

From what I have read, it is unclear from both the documentation and the source, what the full requirements are for enabling implicit Autobahn* heartbeats.

My personal solution involves issuing a ping from the server during onConnection and the appropriate onMesssage, and something similar to the following client code onMessage:

if (payload.equals("ping from the server"))) {
    handler.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                myWebSocket.sendTextMessage("pong from the client");
    }, 1000L);

... which schedules a pong response to be sent by the client, 1 second after receiving a ping from the server.


You can use the pull request that I just submitted


which adds sendPingMessage(byte[] payload) and onPongMessage(byte[] payl).

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