I have a maven web application in wich i use JSF and spring i want to parse csv uploaded file with fileUploadListener the file is uploaded but i don't know how to get data from it and store it in database :

 <h:outputLabel value="Choose your file : *" />
                 <p:fileUpload  mode="advanced"  fileUploadListener="#{campagneMB.handleFileUpload}" update="growl"
              sizeLimit="4000000" allowTypes="/(\.|\/)(csv)$/"/>

my file have this form : xxxx#xxxxx#xxxxx


The question seems to be related to Java more than JSF. You should read the file's content in the listener method by FileUploadEvent#getFile()#getContents() which returns byte[], then just "convert" it to String, which makes storing data in DB easier.
This link can be useful: How to read and parse CSV file in Java.

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